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Makers of Professional Geriatric Care Management Software and Productivity Service Providers

Announcing New Mobility Options:
JewelCode Takes CareComplete Plus
Geriatric Care Management and
Guardianship Software Mobile

In addition to continuing to offer software that will install on your Windows based computer, we are also now offering a cloud option, which will accommodate your daily mobility by using any of your Internet connected devices to get to your software.

CareComplete™ Plus, in the Cloud, Keeps You on the Move - JewelCode has created a partnership for a secure cloud server option to host your CareComplete software in the cloud. Your staff can use any of their Internet connected devices to log into your secure server to use CareComplete. The server includes Microsoft Office and you can load your other applications to be able to access via the Internet.

Mobile Case Notes - Are you tracking your time on your iPad, Android or other Internet connected device while you're in the field? If not, you need to talk with us. Only JewelCode offers mobile time tracking while you're in the field that imports directly into CareComplete™ Plus. Stop entering your notes at the end of the day, week or even month. Get them done each day!

JewelScribe Dictation - Prefer to speak your notes and have someone else type them for you and return them for direct import into CareComplete? If not, you need to speak with us. Only JewelCode offers dictation services which import directly into CareComplete™ Plus. We're ready to help you get your evenings back!

If you are ready to save time on your billing, promote your company with good web design and search engine optimization, keep track of notes and time in the field, and have all of your client care information centralized, we are ready to help you now!

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JewelCode Corporation is the maker of CareComplete™, a full service geriatric care management software solution that includes full geriatric or elder care related assessment tools and a full care plan tool to create professional care plans that are customized with individualized recommendations or can use a standard custom built template selection process. It also includes time tracking, for billing purposes, and is integrated to QuickBooks. If you are a professional geriatric care manager, working alone or in a group practice, JewelCode offers the geriatric care management software and tools of the highest quality available. JewelCode is also the creator of the JewelScribe Transcription Service which lets you leave a phone message, we type it, and return it to you with secure codes to keep information private.